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Ghana ASCD is an affiliate of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), a global association dedicated to advancing excellence in learning, teaching, and leading so that every child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

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Ghana ASCD
International Educators’ Summit

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Inter. Educators’ Summit Registration Form (Europe)


Conference Fee: $500


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Check all that apply.  The conference will offer structured role-alike networking opportunities.
Check all that apply.  The conference will offer structured role-alike networking opportunities.
Panel presentations and concurrent sessions will be offered on the following topics.
Continental breakfast, buffet lunch, snacks and beverages will be provided. If you have food allergies, please choose "other" below and describe.
Saturday night we blend elegance with purpose, creating an evening that exemplifies the beauty of unity and the boundless potential of collective impact. This semi-formal event will include dinner and dancing!  ONE ticket is included with each conference registration; as the date draws closer, you may have the opportunity to purchase additional tickets for other adults traveling with you.
We're learners too! We'd like to learn which of our outreach efforts were most effective. Please check all that apply.
We're curious about which conference details have drawn your interest and what you want to get out of the conference.
Check all that apply. Understanding how our attendees are funding their participation will support our fundraising and advocacy efforts.

Coupon: Please use this coupon code PRE50 as a presenter and get 50% Discount

Event Registration Fee : USD $500

*30% Group Discount available for schools and organizations with groups of 5 and upward. Contact our team at info@ghascd.org. 

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There are three convenient methods available for settling your conference fee:

  1. Credit Card Payment: After submitting the registration form, you will automatically be directed to Paystack, a secure online payment system. In the left menu, select the option to pay with “card” and enter your card details.  The amount will be charged in Ghanaian currency (cedis).  Kindly notify your credit card about this international transaction to ensure that it goes through and is not blocked by a security filter.
  2. Adinkra Payment:  https://buy.stripe.com/6oE5om5Ht6dU9nW00a 






3. Bank Wire Transfer: Opting for a Bank Wire Transfer entails executing a direct fund transfer from your bank to our Ghanaian bank account. To facilitate this process, please follow these steps within 7 days of submitting your registration:

  1. Contact your bank to initiate the wire transfer by providing the bank details for ASCD Ghana and the total amount due in US dollars.  It is advisable to check with your bank regarding any fees that may be associated with international wire transfers.
  2. Share a copy of the transaction receipt with info@ghascd.org for reference and verification purposes.

4. Purchase Order:  If payment is to be made by a school district or organisation for a group of conference attendees, please be sure all individuals have registered, and contact us:  (info@ghascd.org)

Please continue the registration form and ensure to click the 'submit' button. Your submission is crucial for accurately recording your details in our records.



Name of organization holding the bank account:


Bank account number:


(For U.S. accounts) ABA bank routing number:


SWIFT code:



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Bank Name:


Bank Account Currency:


Bank address (including street and building number: city, county/state, post code & country):

Zenith Heights, 37 Independence Avenue, Ridge-Accra Ghana

Private Mails Bag CT393, Accra Ghana

Bank Phone:

+233 302680884

Name, email address, and phone number of person to be contacted when deposit is made:

FAILATU ABDUL-MUMIN, fabdul.ghascd@gmail.com, +233 552994438