John Maxwell said it well, “Everything rises and falls on Leadership. Everything.”

At Ghana ASCD, we affirm Maxwell’s maxim that leadership matters and we add that “Educational Leadership for that matter, matters”.

That is why in all our school intervention training programs, we ensure that leadership development is a centerpiece. The importance of school leadership for school success is backed by research. It has long been established that the second most important factor in children’s success in school is leadership quality which is second only to classroom instruction.

Over the years, Ghana ASCD faculty have developed a robust educational leadership curriculum that is transformative, job-embedded, and can change leadership practice in schools, the goal of which is to transform learning so that all children can succeed and thrive.

In recent times, Ghana ASCD has played a leading role in developing the educational Leadership Curriculum for the flagship program of the Ministry of Education, Ghana: “National Educational Leadership Institute” (NELI). This was made possible through the support of Jacob’s Foundation and BigWin Philanthropies.

Please, reach out to us for all your school leadership consulting needs in Ghana and within the West Africa sub-region.